Emmerdale: Ashley’s emotional final moments – revealed

Actor John Middleton bows out this Friday


ITV has released a brand-new image spotlighting the final Emmerdale episode to feature Ashley Thomas.


As viewers know, Ashley’s wife Laurel intends to bring her ailing husband home following his diagnosis of pneumonia.

Now, in scenes to be shown this Friday, Ashley will be seen surrounded by his nearest and dearest, who are all intent on celebrating his life.

RadioTimes.com can reveal that Laurel will share a tender moment with Ashley when – despite suffering with early onset vascular dementia – he remembers her name in his last moments.

But there will be disappointment in store for Gabby, who doesn’t get to share the private moment with her dad that she was hoping for.

Speaking recently to RadioTimes.com, actor John Middleton revealed that the demise of Ashley brought Emmerdale crew members to tears:

“On the day we filmed Ashley’s death, Charlotte [Bellamy] and I rehearsed it a few times before we did the take. And as Costume and Make-Up came on to do their checks, they were all crying. To the point where their tears were dripping down onto my face.”

You can see the scenes for yourself when Emmerdale airs the episode this Friday.

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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