Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) was dealt a cruel blow by husband Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) in Emmerdale as her revenge plan backfired when he admitted he still loved mistress Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper), despite his wife's plot to keep them together by giving him an alibi for the hit and run that injured Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb).


Desperate to keep her claws in her man, Andrea insisted they put Jamie's cheating behind them and carry on in public as a happily married couple, and crucially pretend to the police they were together at the time of Moira's accident that put her in a coma.

Jumping the gun earlier this week, Ands told Belle it was all over between her and Jamie and sent the upset vet worker packing, but on Wednesday 15th July Mr Tate lashed out and viciously told his scheming other half their marriage was over months ago and it was Belle his heart belonged to, not her.

Playing her trump card, Andrea then warned Jamie if he left her for a fresh start with his lover she would tell the cops the truth, and he'd end up in prison. Checkmate…

Trapped in a loveless marriage unless he wants to risk being banged up, Jamie is now exactly where Andrea wants him even - though she knows he doesn't love her. It seems if she can't have him in her life, then nobody can.

Next week, Andrea turns the screws on jittery Jamie by telling mother-in-law Kim Tate her beloved son was behind the wheel of the car that caused life-threatening injuries for unlucky Moira.

emmerdale kim tate andrea tate

Kim is incandescent her daughter-in-law has the upper hand and realises she must toe the line and do as Andrea says to protect Jamie - albeit reluctantly. Surely calculating Kim will find a way to deal with her son's spiteful spouse by somehow turning the tables on her? No one can pull the strings of a sticky situation quite like Kim.

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Meanwhile, Jamie will attempt to reconnect with Belle who wants nothing to do with him after he mysteriously ended things between them, having promised her they would be together before inexplicably reuniting with his other half.

How long before Andrea loses control and it all blows up in her face? Surely she's kidding herself if she thinks she's winning this fight. And who out of Jamie, Kim and Belle is more likely to try and silence Andrea for good? Perhaps all three of them will team up to take her down…


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