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Emmerdale: Aaron finds out about Paddy's affair - but will he tell Rhona?

Paddy's seedy secret threatens to come out next week

Published: Monday, 4th January 2016 at 11:01 pm

Aaron is to be left reeling next week when Paddy tells him that he's been having an affair with teaching assistant Tess.


Paddy will be forced into telling the truth when a secret mobile phone he's stashed away is discovered by wife Rhona. When Paddy lies and says that the phone belongs to Aaron, it isn't long before he's demanding to know the reason for the deceit.

"Aaron doesn't take the news very well at all," says Dominic Brunt, who plays love cheat Paddy. "Aaron sees Paddy as a morally upstanding fatherly figure, who doesn't really do things wrong. Paddy is Aaron's moral compass so, by doing this, he's lost a lot of respect."

In an attempt to defuse a tense situation, Paddy claims that he doesn't love Tess and that the adoption process he's currently going through with Rhona will make their family life complete. But with Aaron's world rocked, viewers will be left on tenterhooks as to whether he will spill the beans.

"The last thing Paddy wants is for Rhona to find out. Ideally, he wants to be in this relationship with Tess until it fizzles out and then he'll carry on as normal. What he wants is to have as much fun as he can and then go back to how it was."

And what advice would Brunt give to his character were he to be asked? "I'd say, 'snap out of it'. What Paddy is doing is cheesy.

"He's split his morals and his mind in two. He sees his future with his family and what he's doing with Tess as a fling. Paddy's being a selfish idiot. He's got everything he wants with Rhona and, if it all collapsed, then he'd soon realise what he's lost."

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