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Emmerdale: 10 ways to celebrate Robert and Aaron's wedding - Robron style!

Our full guide to marking the biggest day in Dales history

Published: Monday, 20th February 2017 at 8:52 am

It's the moment that all Emmerdale fans have been waiting for - yes, the day of the Robron wedding has dawned! But how best to mark this momentous occasion? Here are 10 ways to show your devotion as Robert and Aaron get set to tie the knot...


1. Don't be afraid of showing your emotions

After all, everyone loves a good cry. Especially Aaron, whose tear ducts are constantly soaked.


2. Drink from a wellington boot

For that full Dingle experience, you have to sup booze from a wellie. Even though it's inexplicable and completely gross.


3. Get chained to a radiator

Bloodstains are optional...


4. Crash your car into a lake

For added tension, make sure your legs are trapped under the steering wheel column.


5. Jeopardise your liberty by getting into a random fight

Actually don't do this at all. Unless you like being photographed in a staged pose. And enjoy the feel of a prison tabard.


6. Cover up a murder

Because every good relationship is built on lies, duplicity and homicide.


7. Have a duvet day - in a barn

For the ultimate Robron experience, watch the nuptials surrounded by bales of straw.


8. Get locked in a boot

It's surely the best way to travel to the wedding?

9. Make a load of enemies...

...preferably to the extent that someone ends up wanting to shoot you.


10. And remember, nothing says true love more than a pair of bespoke slippers...

Will Aaron be wearing these in prison, we wonder?


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