Cain vows revenge as Graham tries to frame him for Joe’s murder in Emmerdale

The gloves are off - is it game over for Graham?

Emmerdale, Cain Dingle, Graham Foster

Emmerdale‘s Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) turns the tables on Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) next week when he foils the brooding butler’s attempt to frame him for the murder of Joe Tate. As the game of cat and mouse escalates between the co-conspirators, has Graham pushed the dodgy Dingle too far?


Graham has had the upper hand for months over haunted Cain, making him believe he was responsible for killing his ill-fated employer when he knocked him to the ground during a scuffle over Joe jilting Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb).

Viewers know Graham is keeping back the vital piece of information that Joe was still alive when he put him in the boot to drive him off in order to dispose of the body (if indeed there was a body – could Joe still be on the run?), and to deflect any suspicion on him the Tates’ manservant secretly plants evidence at Cain’s garage and anonymously tips off the police.

As the cops descend with a search warrant, smug Graham waits for the pieces to fall into place but it seems he has underestimated Cain… The canny Dingle is able to get to the item Graham has planted before the boys in blue can, and confronts Graham over his attempt to pin the crime on Cain and sell him down the river!


Will Cain kill Graham for his betrayal?

Not willing to be manipulated by calculating Graham any longer, Cain gets his mojo back as he threatens his nemesis and produces the item he deliberately placed at the garage hoping it would make the mechanic look guilty in the eyes of the authorities. Graham holds his nerve and denies everything, but it’s clear Cain is on to him – is Graham now the one in danger?

Elsewhere, Faith Dingle tries to unite feuding father and daughter who are still at odds over the Joe incident. Deb refuses to forgive dad Cain for killing her fiance and lying about it for weeks, and has also distanced herself from stepmum Moira Dingle who covered up her husband’s crime.


Meddling Faith manages to get Debbie and daughter Sarah in the same room as Cain and Moira in the hope they can reconcile, but with oblivious Sarah asking some very awkward questions will the shocking truth emerge and widen the rift among the Dingles?


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