Belle gets Jamie jailed for Moira hit and run in Emmerdale betrayal?

Ms Dingle faces a dilemma after her ex's confession.

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Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) is in an even bigger pickle after confessing to ex-lover Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) he was responsible for the hit and run that almost killed Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) in Emmerdale. Now both his wife and mistress know the truth, how long until the deceitful vet ends up behind bars? Or could the explosive plot further fuel the fire of the Tate and Dingle feud?


Belle and Jamie were all set to skip off into the sunset hand in hand, as Mr Tate prepared to tell spouse Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) it was all over and he chose his bit on the side over her.

Fate intervened and en route to ending his marriage Jamie mowed down Moira on a dark country road, and fled the scene in a panic. Telling Andrea what he’d done, Jamie was persuaded by his calculating other half to keep quiet and the Tates were locked in a toxic secret together.

Andrea used the situation to her advantage, blackmailing her husband to dump Belle and stay with her, or else she’d tell the police he caused the almost-fatal accident for the feisty farmer.

Heartbroken Belle has been none the wiser why the man of her dreams suddenly called off their romance and started playing happy families, in public at least, with Andrea again.

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In Monday 10th August’s episode, broken and boozed-up Jamie finally admits to Belle the whole sorry story – he ran over Moira and Andrea’s forced him to stay in exchange for her silence.

There’s not much sympathy from a shocked Belle, who immediately threatens to shop him to the police herself. To her puzzlement, guilt-ridden Jamie practically begs her to do it as he believes he deserves to be punished for his crime and he can’t take another moment of all the lies.

Fans will have to wait and see what Belle does next – now she knows Jamie actually still loves her and only ended it because of Andrea’s sick scheme, but if she does blab about the incident then any hope of a future is out the window as he’s bound to face serious, legal consequences that may involve a prison sentence.

On the flipside, colluding with Jamie to conceal the truth is a huge betrayal of the Dingle family code – Moira is her auntie by marriage, through her uncle Cain Dingle, who has vowed revenge on the wreckless driver who caused the carnage.

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Later in the week, Lydia Dingle suspects young Belle is hiding something and could be carrying on with married Jamie once again.

Belle faces a tough decision as to whether to protect Jamie or get justice for Moira. What about unpredictable Andrea, who is channelling her inner mother-in-law Kim Tate’s scheming streak with each plot twist? If she gets wind Belle is in the know, might she find a way to silence her love rival and sink her claws deeper into her volatile husband?

Or could Belle and Andrea both get impatient with Jamie’s self-pitying and team up to get him banged up? The storyline is set to crank up a gear in the coming weeks, but it all hinges on how Belle plays her hand…


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