Emmerdale’s Andrea resorts to blackmail over Jamie’s hit and run secret

Jamie's problems are set to get much worse...

emmerdale jamie andrea blackmail

If you thought things between Jamie and Andrea Tate (Alexander Lincoln and Anna Nightingale) were complicated already, then brace yourself as upcoming Emmerdale scenes are going to show that they are going to get far murkier before they get better- and now Andrea has the upper hand.


Following a devastating hit and run that will leave Moria Barton (Natalie J. Robb) in hospital, the question on everyone’s lips will be who the culprit is. With dodgy DI Malone (Mark Womack) being the prime suspect with viewers, it actually seems as though it was the troubled Jamie who is to blame- and this is news Andrea plans to use to her advantage.

Scenes this week show Moira wind up in hospital after being hit by a car, with the driver taking off straight after. Given that she has just rumbled the affair between Malone and Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton), it would be fair to assume that this was an attempt by Malone to silence her- but it seems the real culprit is Jamie.

andrea jamie emmerdale

Andrea tries to calm him down and assures him he probably just collided with an animal but when they hear the news about Moira, his heart sinks and he realises that he must be the guilty party. Still taking his side, Andrea convinces him to hide his potential involvement and to act as normally as possible.

But while Jamie plans to tell Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) what has happened when he sees her at the hospital, he is stopped in his tracks by Andrea. Belle is left on edge as not only is she surprised to see the feuding pair together, but she can sense that something is wrong and that she is not being told.

Later, a meeting between Andrea and Belle sees the scorned wife use the situation to her advantage as she takes great pleasure in telling a devastated Belle that it is over with her and Jamie. But will Belle believe Andrea when she says Jamie no longer wants to be with her?

As for Jamie, his problems are only set to get worse when he tries to set Andrea straight on where they stand. Telling her that he no longer loves her and wants to be with Belle, Andrea snaps and issues a chilling threat. If Jamie doesn’t leave Belle and fully commit to her, she will tell the police he hit Moira. Is this the end of the line for Jamie and Belle?


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