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Al and Cain in new Emmerdale clash after near-fatal car crash

The pair's ceasefire didn't last!

Published: Friday, 13th May 2022 at 8:00 pm
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Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) had yet another showdown in tonight's Emmerdale (13th May).


This week's episodes of the ITV soap saw the enemies drawing battle lines once again, with Al ordering Cain to test drive his car when he suspecting foul play. Cain roared the vehicle straight at Al, but stopped short of mowing him down.

Later, the pair were both caught up in Noah Dingle's (Jack Downham) sinister behaviour, when the teen's stalking over Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) was exposed. Al was feeling protective of Chloe, as his girlfriend Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) has become a mother figure to her.

Cain ended up in danger this week (ITV)

He therefore confronted Noah, but Cain got in his way as usual. In a race over laying claim to Noah's incriminating laptop, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) ended up in the car with her brother. When the pair ended up in a perilous situation, it was left to Al to save the day before a trapped Cain was crushed by a telephone pole.

The next day an injured Cain tried to make Noah see the error of his ways, while Al confronted Chas over the laptop. Getting nowhere, Al headed to Butler's Farm to speak to Cain. Reminding him that he had just rescued him, Al calmly attempted to persuade Cain to hand the evidence over. Cain refused, and Al turned menacing as he grabbed one of Cain's crutches in threat.

Cain was unfazed, daring Al to make a move. A furious Al then walked away. As far as the Noah issue was concerned, his mother Charity dealt with his behaviour by handing in the laptop as she reported him to the police.

But the feud between Cain and Al is clearly still set to simmer, despite the brief shift in dynamics in last night's episode.

So what's next for their war? Remember, a while back Emmerdale's executive producer Jane Hudson teased of this big week: "something will happen that will make those two have to look at their relationship with each other."

So is another huge event heading their way to act as a turning point?

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