Who attacked Phil Mitchell on EastEnders? The story so far

When will Stacey return? Why did Keanu flee? Did Phil hear Ben's confession?

Who attacked Phil on EastEnders?

EastEnders warhorse Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is back on the Square tonight, having been discharged from hospital in the wake of the recent attack that put his life on the line.


Determined to get answers, Phil first confronts Ben about the argument he overheard him having with Jay by his bedside. Then comes a showdown with Kat who, as viewers know, was arguing with Phil at the time he was set upon.

So, is Phil about to learn the identity of the perpetrator? Here, in case you need a reminder, of what happened on that fateful night at the Arches…

Who was Phil’s attacker?

The episode of EastEnders that aired on Tuesday 30th July ended with a violent showdown between an angry Phil and a terrified Kat, who was being cornered in a deserted Arches after taunting the Walford hard man about stealing his money. After Martin turned up and tried to intervene, Phil started to get aggressive with him, only to then get knocked out by a wrench-wielding Stacey, who had appeared out of nowhere.

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How did Ben get involved?

The Arches suddenly started to look very crowded in the wake of Phil being knocked unconscious as Ben arrived on the scene. Acting in the moment, Ben then let Stacey off the hook so he could pin the crime on his arch-enemy Keanu, who he believed to be usurping his place in both the Mitchell family and his dad’s affections.

When did Stacey and Martin leave?

Stacey and her husband Martin fled the Square on Friday 2nd August, with the pair seen speeding off in a black cab as the police descended on the neighbourhood. Said Lacey Turner at the time of her exit: “Obviously, Stacey has previous as she killed Archie, and that also means a history with the police, so she thinks this could put her away for a very long time and she’s petrified. As it all sinks in, she thinks her only option is to leave.”


Why did Keanu go on the run with Louise?

Following Stacey’s hasty exit, Keanu also decided to flee, with pregnant girlfriend Louise heading out of town with him. With police now armed with incriminatory evidence planted by a vengeful Ben, Keanu realised that his only option was to get out of Walford. An added complication came in the form of DNA test results, which Keanu now knows prove that he (and not Phil) is the father of Sharon’s unborn baby.

Did Ben also try to kill Phil?

In true soap style, a raging Ben tried to stop Phil’s oxygen supply as he lay comatose in his hospital bed. The reason for Ben’s anger stems from his knowledge that Phil has cut him out of his will in favour of leaving everything to his future son-in-law Keanu. Luckily for Phil, Jay turned up in the nick of time and halted Ben’s actions.


When is Stacey coming back?

Actress Lacey Turner has recently given birth to daughter Dusty Rose, but has already returned to EastEnders to film a few scenes for one upcoming episode. This is not a permanent comeback, though, and Turner will still be taking the remainder of her maternity leave. Viewers will now have to see just how Stacey resurfaces and whether Martin will still be by her side.


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