EastEnders teases “troubled past” for Sheree’s secret son Isaac

Newcomer Stevie Basaula made his debut in the flashback episode

eastenders sheree trueman isaac baptiste

EastEndersflashback episode filled in the gaps on an action-packed Christmas Day in Walford, but it wasn’t just Keanu Taylor’s fate and Sonia Fowler’s thievery that was exposed – we also found out Sheree Trueman has a secret son.


Patrick’s flighty wife had been taking sneaky phone calls from a mysterious man called Isaac in the run-up to the festive season, and once Denise Fox clocked the cloak and dagger antics she accused Sheree of cheating and demanded she leave.

On Christmas Day she did just that, sneaking off while her hubby slept, but it now emerges ‘Isaac’ is not her bit on the side, but her grown-up son.

Turning up unannounced on the Square, Isaac Baptiste’s reunion with his mother grew tense as he realised she had not told her new family about his existence – why is she so desperate to hide her offspring? And how will Patrick and Denise react when they find out?

Executive producer Jon Sen suggests there is much about the Baptistes’ backstory to be peeled away in the coming weeks: “We have teased the ‘other man’ in Sheree’s life since her arrival six months ago. Isaac has now arrived with bravado, charisma and his fair share of charm.

eastenders isaac baptiste

“A teacher with a troubled past, his story will unfold as we discover just why Sheree has kept him away from Patrick.”

Playing Isaac is newcomer Stevie Basaula, who has starred in RSC productions of Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet and has already filmed an appearance in the upcoming second series of Sky One drama Bulletproof.

“I feel very blessed to be part of such an iconic show,” says the actor. “Like many of us, EastEnders is something I’ve grown up with so it excites me to be bringing to life the part of Isaac.”

Insiders also warn Isaac is bold and unafraid to speak his mind, even if it means saying the things no one else will. Expect feathers to be ruffled as he makes his presence felt…


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