It's all going on in this NEW trailer for EastEnders, which we've already watched several times! Here are 10 things we're excited to see happening this spring on the BBC One soap...


1. Sean Slater returns!

EastEnders, Jean Slater, Sean Slater
There's a reunion for Jean and her son Sean. (Picture: BBC)

Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) reckons her brother Sean (Rob Kazinsky) doesn't care their mum Jean (Gillian Wright) has ovarian cancer. But they'll both be in for a surprise when the bad 'un returns to Walford for the first time in over a decade this spring!

2. Love turns to hate for secret lovers Sharon and Keanu

EastEnders, Keanu Taylor, Sharon Mitchell
Is it all over for Sharon and Keanu? (Picture: BBC)

Hurrah, our fave mechanic Keanu Taylor (played by Danny Walters) is back! But he's got no time for his secret ex-lover Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean), who he blames for his ordeal in Spain where he got beaten-up by some angry locals.
"You sent me there, the person I used to love, the person I used to live for," Keanu tells Sharon in the trailer. "And now,I hate you!"

3. Who is Danny Hardcastle?

EastEnders, Keanu Taylor, Danny Hardcastle, Phil Mitchell
What brings Danny Hardcastle (played by Paul Usher) to the Square? (Picture: BBC)

Ex-Brookside star Paul Usher arrives as Danny Hardcastle and finds himself in the mix with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) and garage employee Keanu. Danny is seen shaking Keanu's hand and telling him he is a legend. But is Danny a friend or foe?

4. Karen and Mitch's daughter Chantelle arrives!

EastEnders, Karen Taylor, Gray Atkins, Chantelle Atkins
Welcome to the family! (Picture: BBC)

Mitch Baker gets the wrong idea when he sees a handsome fella putting the moves on his daughter Chantelle.
"Take your hands off my daughter!" warns Mitch.
"Take your hands off my husband!" warns Chantelle, unexpectedly introducing her legal eagle hubby, Gray.

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5. Ruby on trial!

EastEnders, Ruby Allen
Ruby takes the stand in court. (Picture: BBC)

Ruby Allen's (Louisa Lytton) sexual assault ordeal goes to trial and she is seen taking the stand in court and vowing to tell the truth. But will she see justice served against Matt Clarkson and Ross Swinden, who still tell a different version of events about what happened last year?

6. Habiba flirts with Adam

EastEnders, Habiba Ahmed, Adam Bateman
Habiba continues to flirt with Adam. (Picture: BBC)

Even though dishy dentist Adam Bateman (Stephen Rahman-Hughes) is all loved-up with Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton), Habiba Ahmed (Ruuku Nahar) can't help flirting with him. Will Adam stay faithful to Honey?

7. Ben and Lola's secret

EastEnders, Lola Pearce, Ben Mitchell
What are Ben and Lola lying about? (Picture: BBC)

Ben Mitchell (now played by Max Bowden) is back from Portugal and appears to be playing happy families with distant cousin Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) and their daughter Lexi! Ben reckons he can help his dad Phil "make the Mitchell name mean something again". But why is Lola acting so shifty?

8. Jean's charity challenge!

EastEnders, Jean Slater
Jean has recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. (Picture: BBC)

It's been a terrible time for Jean after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. But it looks like there's some exciting fun in store as Jean takes part in a challenge to climb the 02 in London. Let's hope she's not scared of heights!

9. Sharon punches drug dealing Stix!

EastEnders, Sharon Mitchell
Don't mess with Sharon! (Picture: Channel 5)

Gang member Stix Reman (Kasey McKellar) gets walloped by Sharon in front her shocked son Dennis Rickman and friend Tiffany Butcher. But why? Will the truth about Tiff and Dennis's involvement with Evie Steele and her drug dealing gang all come out?

10. Danger for Louise?

EastEnders, Keanu Taylor, Louise Mitchell
Is there danger in store for Louise? (Picture: BBC)

Phil warns Keanu to keep a close eye on his daughter Louise (Tilly Keeper). But then Keanu is seen chasing after a car when an Albert Square resident is snatched by baddies! Who is going to find themselves in BIG trouble?


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