Sam Mitchell returned to Walford with a bang during tonight's EastEnders (19th April) as she immediately clashed with almost every familiar face she met - most notably Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean).


It followed Monday night's instalment of the soap, in which Sam popped in to the prison to visit big brother Phil (Steve McFadden) after he conned DCI Keeble (Alison Newman) into providing him with an international call.

Sam then arrived on the Square in a black cab, and the first thing she did was puncture son Ricky's (Frankie Day) football - although she didn't actually recognise him at the time! Next on her agenda was to irritate Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) and Sharon - and to say they were displeased to see her would be something of an understatement.

The pair wasted no time in reminding Sam of their grudge against her over her role in the murder of Sharon's father Den Watts (Leslie Grantham), which had put Kat's daughter Zoe (Michelle Ryan) in the frame.

Sam dismissed their words, and later had a run-in with ex Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), where it dawned on her that the young boy she'd met earlier was her estranged son 'Richard'. Sam's blasé attitude lasted until she left the Queen Vic, where we saw that her child's presence had clearly rattled her.

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Later, she headed to the Prince Albert to reunite with nephew Ben (Max Bowden). Sam announced that Phil had told her of his troubles, and she was here to help. But Ben saw right through her, realising that Phil clearly hadn't trusted her with everything.

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With no one convinced over Sam's motives, her homecoming was turning into a disaster for her - but a total nostalgia-fest and a return to classic EastEnders - especially when Sharon rocked up for a second time.

Sam goaded Sharon over Phil and Den, as well as her late husband Dennis Rickman (Nigel Harman), until Sharon's anger got the better of her and she threw a drink in Sam's face. Sam then revealed she was hear to stay and ready to take on the Mitchell businesses, so Sharon had better watch her back.

As battle lines were drawn between the two women, Sharon warned Sam that she was much tougher these days: "I don't play so nice these days. Cross me, and I will put you down."

It looks like the stage is set for further showdowns between these two, but what's next?

Sam clearly has no plans to head off quietly - and Sharon won't be standing by during her antics. So just how far will their rivalry go? Now that Sharon is no longer a Mitchell, that old loyalty has wilted, and we've already seen old resentments resurface.

Sharon's threat to Sam may mean nothing to her, but viewers haven't forgotten that Sharon tried to kill one-time friend Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) not so long ago for his part in son Denny's (Bleu Landau) death.

From orchestrating a violent attack, to poisoning Ian, Sharon has shown just how far she's willing to go. So will Sam push her to extremes once again? And with so much lost time to make up for, we've yet to find out what Sam got up to in her time away. What could she be capable of?

Whatever happens next, we're certainly looking forward to Sam vs Sharon part two!

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