Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) continued to cause chaos as she settled back into Walford in tonight's EastEnders (20th April), and her latest target was Jack Branning (Scott Maslen).


After having a run-in with various residents in Tuesday's episode, Sam set about exerting her authority in a business meeting - but when she tried to push her luck and Sharon stepped in, she was left deflated.

She later had a catch up with cousin Billy (Perry Fenwick), who, unlike everyone else, was at least happy to see her. Even so, Sam was making plans to fly abroad again.

As Billy expressed his disappointment, Sam's son Ricky (Frankie Day) approached her, fresh from a chat with dad Jack who had just filled him in on her return.

Sam confirmed that she is indeed his mother, but when Ricky quizzed her on her disappearance, she was lost for words. Jack's civil partner Denise Fox (Diane Parish) then asked her to stay away, and we saw a glimpse of Sam's vulnerable side as she seemed genuinely pleased to see her son looking happy and settled.

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Denise even briefly identified with Sam's decision to give her son up, thinking back to when she did the same with Raymond. As she assured Sam that Jack adored Ricky and would do anything for him, Sam switched to scheming mode, once again pushing her mothering instincts aside as an idea came to her.

Later, Sam turned up for a chat with Jack - and despite his detective status, he didn't see her ultimatum coming.

She announced that he must help her with her business deal, or she'll take Ricky away with her. When Jack pointed out that she had no chance after walking out on their boy, Sam suggested she could easily twist things in a court battle; happy to lie that she had been suffering with depression at the time.

With her blackmail threat delivered, Sam once again suggested that Jack use his connections for her gain, leaving Jack stunned.

What will he do next? Will Jack jeopardise his career in order to keep Ricky? Will Sam follow through with her threats, or back down - and will she let her guard down and admit that she truly cares about their child?

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