Rainie discovers SHOCK truth about Stuart’s secret past in EastEnders

Will she make a dangerous enemy of the burly barman?

EastEnders, Rainie Branning, Stuart Highway

Stuart Highway (played by Ricky Champ) appears to have turned over a new leaf after making life hell for the Carter family last year in EastEnders. So no more Mr Nasty, right? Wrong!


In an episode of the BBC One soap airing on Tuesday 26 February, recovering drug addict Rainie Branning (Tanya Franks) is at an Narcotics Anonymous meeting when neighbour Stuart unexpectedly turns up.

Seeing as Stuart is now living with Rainie’s husband Max’s stepmum Dot Branning, Rainie decides to lurk around the corner and eavesdrops as he starts to talk about Dot…

It takes a troubled soul to recognise another troubled soul. So on Thursday 27 February, Rainie finds barman Stuart in the Vic and can’t resist twisting the knife about him attending the NA meeting.

EastEnders, Rainie Branning, Stuart Highway
Rainie confronts Stuart and discovers shock information about his past… (Picture: BBC)

When Stuart realises Rainie was at the same meeting and heard everything, he reveals a SHOCK secret about his past!

Suddenly in a panic he has told her too much, Stuart pleads with Rainie not to tell Dot or his younger brother, Halfway.

But Rainie’s never been one to do as she’s told, right? And since it’s her duty to keep an eye on Dot while Max is away in France, and she doesn’t trust Stuart’s motives, will she risk getting on the wrong side of the man who waged an evil hate campaign against Vic landlord Mick Carter and his family?

Watch out Rainie!


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