Phil pushes Keanu and Louise together in EastEnders

As if it's not going to be awkward enough once the affair with Sharon is exposed…

EastEnders, Keanu Taylor, Louise Mitchell

EastEnders‘ Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) plays an unlikely matchmaker next week when he realises he’s being too overprotective to daughter Louise (Tilly Keeper) and invites employee Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) round for tea hoping romance will blossom between the pair. If only he knew Keanu is secretly in love with Phil’s wife…


On Tuesday 22 January, Phil spies Lou heading to the Arches to hang out with cute Keanu and orders her to stay away from the muscly mechanic. Fed up of being treated like a child by her overbearing father, Louise lays into Phil and demands he acknolwedge she’s old enough to make her own decisions – and that includes who she chooses to spend time with.

To her surprise, the hard man softens and invites Keanu for a cosy meal chez Mitchell by way of saying sorry to Lou. However, his initial reluctance for his little girl to spend time at the garage might also have something to do with Phil asking Keanu to work on a car but keep it on the downlow as he’s hidden a large sum of money inside the vehicle…

Hoping to be in Louise’s good books backfires for Phil, however, when Keanu refuses the offer of dinner explaining he doesn’t want to pursue anything romantic with the ex-girlfriend of his little brother Keegan Baker (Zack Morris). Obviously that’s not the only reason as Keanu has had a saucy affair with Phil’s missus, Sharon (Letitia Dean).


Will Sharon return to Walford to find Keanu in a relationship with Louise?

Not one to be put off, Phil secretly seeks out Keegan on Thursday 24 January and asks him to give Keanu and Louise his blessing, knowing it would make his daughter happy. But Keegs, struggling to cope over his grief for murdered friend Shakil Kazemi and the return of errant dad Mitch Baker, demands cold hard cash from Phil to do what he says – but only so he can buy more drugs…

Embarrassed by her dad’s meddling in her love life, Louise finds Keanu on Friday 25 January to apologise to him, but could Phil’s interference end up having the desired effect after all?


EastEnders producer Kate Oates has teased Keanu and Sharon’s explosive fling is set to take some unexpected twists and become one of the biggest storylines for 2019. With Mrs Mitchell on her way home from holiday soon, having dumped her toy boy by voice mail while she’s been away, could Keanu use Louise to make his cougar ex jealous, hoping she’ll find him irresistible and restart their affair?


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