EastEnders’ Pam Coker gives ‘Ballum’ her blessing before she leaves

But Callum Highway stuns lawbreaker Ben with decision to join the police

Pam Ben Callum EastEnders

Only 24 hours after EastEnders fans were upset to see Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) pretend that Callum Highway (Tony Clay) was not his boyfriend so as not to offend Pam Coker – the grandmother of his murdered ex Paul – Pam saved the day by giving the confused Mitchell a stern talking to.


A relieved Ben broke down on Friday 8th November as Pam (Lin Blakley) reassured him that all she wanted was for him to be in a loving relationship rather than going out taking risks. “I want this to have a happy ending,” said Pam. Her grandson Paul (Jonny Labey) was killed on a night out with Ben after they were targeted by a gang of bigots.

In an emotional get together in The Queen Vic, Ben addressed Callum as his boyfriend for the very first time before introducing him properly to Pam. Before she left the Square again she told ‘Halfway’ how lucky he was to have Ben, “He has the biggest heart of anyone I know.”

Ben Mitchell in hospital

It’s a heart that is about to be severely tested. Callum informed Ben that he would not be taking up Jay’s job offer to manage the funeral directors. Instead, prompted by the The Queen Vic siege when Hunter shot Ben and Keanu, Callum told his criminal boyfriend that he intends to join the police force. Could that mean Ben Mitchell turning his back on a life of crime? Phil Mitchell’s expression when he hears will be priceless.


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