Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) is a happy camper now she's finally got her hands on hunky mechanic Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) in EastEnders. But from the looks of these sneak peek photos, it appears things are about to go horribly wrong between the pair in a double bill of the BBC1 soap on Thursday 31 January...


So far this week, Louise remains unaware boyfriend Keanu is still pining for his secret ex-lover, and her stepmum, Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) who dumped Keanu before Christmas and then went on holiday to Australia.

Earlier this week, Keanu got in a panic when Louise wanted to post a cute photo of them together on social media. Worried that Sharon would see it, Keanu managed to convince her to take it down. But he earned some bonus boyfriend points when he organised a surprise party to celebrate Louise passing her driving theory test.

Unfortunately, just as Louise and Keanu were kissing, Sharon returned home. Whoops!

So with Sharon back in the mix, Keanu's eye has definitely started to wander. On Tuesday 29 January, Louise almost caught the former lovers sneaking a chat together in the loos at the Vic.

In tonight's double helping (there's an episode at the normal time of 7.30pm and another at 8.30pm, with no instalment on Friday 1 February due to sports coverage), Keanu is still holding out hopes of another chance with Sharon. But she makes it clear she's sticking with her hubby Phil (Steve McFadden)and it's definitely over between them. But Keanu may not give up so easily...

As Keanu struggles to keep up appearances around Louise, his mum Karen (Lorraine Stanley) is worried he's falling under cougar Sharon's spell again. In which case, Karen will be straight round to the Mitchell house to let Phil know exactly what Sharon got up to last year!

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EastEnders, Louise Mitchell, Keanu Taylor
Ker-splosh! Louise is not happy when she gets dumped by boyfriend Keanu. (Picture: BBC)

However, with Sharon still on his mind, Keanu decides to end things with Louise. And she does not take his rejection well, lashing out in dramatic style...


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