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Kat becomes surprise prime suspect for Phil's attempted murder in EastEnders

She joins the line-up of locals with beef against the hard man

eastenders does kat moon attack phil mitchell
Published: Tuesday, 23rd July 2019 at 6:00 am

EastEnders tough guy Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is attacked and left for dead on Tuesday 30th July and a number of locals are in the frame for the fracas – with Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) emerging as a surprise potential contender for trying to bump off the bald-headed bloke.


Kat and Phil clash over the recent storyline that saw him discover the Slaters had kept hold of the money he lent to Alfie Moon earlier in the year (before he fled the country) and forced them to pay it back.

Despite promising there would be no reprisals for the clan if they just handed over the dosh, Kat gets loose-lipped after too many and drunkenly mocks Phil about the money, angering the menacing Mitchell.

Desperately trying to backtrack when she realises she's pushed her luck, Phil corners her in private and threatens her son Tommy, leaving Kat shocked and shaken by their exchange.

eastenders ben mitchell

Phil's already having a pretty bad day after tearing a strip off employee and future son-in-law Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) over jeopardising a dodgy business deal, and son Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) is on the warpath after he discovers his dad has cut him out of the will to favour golden boy Keanu.

Ben arranges to meet the Taylor totty at the Arches, and when Phil later takes refuge at the garage he finds himself in a violent encounter – but who with? EastEnders aren't saying, but the episode will end with Mr Mitchell being overpowered and losing control, leaving him seriously injured.

eastenders phil mitchell

On Thursday 1st August, whoever is responsible leaves him at the Arches and tries to cover their tracks before doing a runner. Meanwhile, unconscious Phil is found and carted off to hospital – his future hangs in the balance, but who is to blame for putting him in this state? How far are they prepared to go to cover their tracks? And will Phil survive? has already speculated on who tries to kill Phil as a recent trailer teased the explosive storyline, but Kat was not in the frame at that point as Alfie's cash plot was yet to play out on screen – does this mean Mrs Moon is guilty of attempted murder?


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