Jo Joyner has confirmed that she will not be making a full-time return to EastEnders, stating that she does not believe her character Tanya Cross is needed at the moment in Albert Square.


When asked whether she'd be re-joining the BBC1 soap following a live guest stint during the 30th anniversary week, the actress said: "No, I'm not. The reason why I had so many live scenes on this is because I wasn't around for the pre-recorded stuff. I was off filming Ordinary Lies up in Manchester. And I've got a couple of new series that are coming out over the next couple of months.

"I've been really fortunate since I left. I've done some nice varied work and had some time at home. I'm just not ready. And I don't think they need her at the moment."

In an interview with Gaby Roslin on BBC London 94.4 show, Joyner also discussed the slip-up during a live scene last week that saw her refer to Ian Beale by the actor's name of Adam Woodyatt when Tanya asked best friend Jane, "How's Adam?":

"There is absolutely no explanation as to how or why that happened. We couldn't have known it better. We go over and over this…We needed to have huge rehearsals, so we were well rehearsed. I'd never got it wrong. Obviously, I thought I'd wait until there were nine million people watching."

Speaking about her feelings at the moment she made the fluff, she added: "It was like an out of body experience, like a car crash really. Literally, as I'm saying 'Adam' I can hear myself tailing off, because I came out of my head and went, 'well there's no getting out of that.'"

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Taking to Twitter after the episode aired on Tuesday 18 February, Joyner admitted that she was "gutted" about confusing actor and character.

But co-star Jake Wood - who plays Tanya's former husband Max Branning - was quick to make light of the blooper, posting a fake script change (written by comedian David Schneider) that showed Ian Beale was planning to permanently change his name to Adam Woodyatt.

On the reaction of EastEnders executives to her mistake, Joyner told Roslin: "They were just gorgeous, because I then had to go and do another five scenes or something. So I kind of exited that scene and, obviously it's live. We have to keep moving.

"Laurie [Brett] pushed me in the back and said, 'it's fine. Just keep moving'. We had to run to another studio then, for the wedding. I was outside that studio set just hyperventilating really. I said, 'you'll have to play the record. I can't do it.' But I had to do it - you have to carry on, don't you?'

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