Hunter to shoot Keanu on EastEnders?

Is the troubled teen about to kill again?

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EastEnders fans have been left fearing for Keanu’s future after an increasingly unstable Hunter was seen making plans to shoot him.


Hunter has, of course, already done away with Ray Kelly, having shot his stepdad dead over New Year before mum Mel buried him in nearby woodland.

The troubled teen was seen returning to Albert Square in Monday’s episode and wasted no time in getting on the wrong side of Keanu.

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After being asked by Keanu whether he wanted to attend a party to celebrate Louise having passed her theory test, Hunter commented that the local mechanic was getting close to his “leftovers”.

As he made a snide remark about Louise’s burns, Keanu lost his temper and punched his love rival before Bex arrived on the scene to split the pair up.

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After Keanu left the scene, Hunter told Bex that he had no idea who he was messing with. Later in the episode, Bex told Mel that she was scared by Hunter’s cold reaction to the fight, little realising that he was, at that very moment, roleplaying a scenario in the mirror where he took aim at Keanu with a gun and fired.

What happens to Hunter next?

EastEnders has already announced that actor Charlie Winter – who plays Hunter is set to leave the BBC1 soap, with a show insider commenting: “Bosses are staying tight lipped on exactly how Hunter exits Walford, but after he shot Ray dead at New Year, it promises to be dramatic.

“Hunter will be on our screens for a while yet and there is still a lot more drama to come as he and his mum are faced with the fallout of his actions.”

The rest of this week’s drama finds Mel fearing that Hunter  could be provoked into another moment of violence, and tries to get him to open up – but he mocks her concern and sneaks out.

Jack Branning finds the underage lad trying to hit on girls at the E20 and takes him home to mummy, where the stressed schoolboy turns on the tears to make Mel feel sorry for him as opposed to dishing out punishment.

However, Mel soon has more to worry about when bigamist Ray’s other wives, Nicola and Maddie, turn up demanding to see their philandering husband. As far as they know, he’s still on the run having escaped custody when he was arrested at his and Mel’s wedding…

Managing to put her co-conspirators off the scent by insisting she has no idea where Ray is, Mel hopes she’s dealt with Nicola and Maddie, but Hunter panics when he notices the women watching him on Thursday 31 January.

Will Mel betray Hunter?

Seeking advice on Hunter’s worrying behaviour on Friday 1 February, but not wanting to reveal his killer secret, Mel turns to old flame Ian Beale but puts her foot in it when the conversation turns to Ian’s son Bobby, currently in prison for murdering his big sister Lucy.

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Having offended him at the mention of Bobby, Mel apologises for upsetting Ian but as he opens up about his troubled offspring, Mel comes to a big decision about Hunter…


Will she go to the police and tell them everything, having realised prison is the best place for her unpredictable son? Or take the blame for Ray’s murder herself to protect him from a life behind bars?