EastEnders' Mel Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite) loses her cool as the pressure of covering up son Hunter's (Charlie Winter) murder of her husband Ray Kelly (Sean Mahon) causes her to flip and launch an aggressive attack.

In new pictures released by the BBC soap from the episode airing on Monday 11 February, menacing Mel is squaring up to fellow wronged woman Maddie, one of bigamist Ray's secret spouses, who she had previously colluded with to bring down the deceitful undercover cop.

Arranging for Maddie, and another Mrs Kelly, Nicola, to turn up at the church minutes after Mel married Ray on New Year's Day to see the unfaithful fella arrested, Mel had no idea her plan to put her man behind bars and fleece him for his cash would go so spectacularly wrong when Ray escaped custody, kidnapped stepson Hunter and lured Mel to the woods, and was shot by Hunter defending his mother when the fracas turned violent.


Burying Ray's corpse in the foliage and fleeing Walford so as to lie low while the cops began to investigate his suspicious disappearance, Mel and Hunter return home on Monday 28 January both understandably still on edge.

Does Maddie know Hunter killed Ray?

Managing to put Maddie and Nicola off when they show up demanding to know where Ray is on Thursday 31 January, Mel receives another visit from mad Maddie at the club on Monday 11 February wanting her cut of the promised cash. Mel stands her ground and refuses to give her anything, but when Maddie brings Hunter into the discussion angered Mel launches herself at the stunned spouse - warning her she'll do anything to protect her son.

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Does Maddie know what Hunter has done? Is she blackmailing Mel over her sinister secret? And what lengths will Mel and Hunter go to in order to put people off the scent about what they got up to on New Year's Day? Could Mel attempt to take the blame for her brooding boy's actions? With Hunter's exit looming, Maddie's interrogations may be laying the groundwork for the twisted teen's dramatic departure…

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