Hayley Slater hit by a minibus in EastEnders crash horror – is she dead?

Was it an accident or did the cursed Slater mum try and end her life?


EastEnders‘ Hayley Slater (Katie Jarvis) is fighting for her life again after being hit by a minibus on Thursday 17 January, having survived a suspected booze binge in the previous episode that saw fans fearing she’d died and put her baby girl in danger.


Tonight’s episode picked up from Tuesday’s dramatic cliffhanger where Hayley was found slumped unconscious in the bathroom leaving her newborn daughter Cherry unattended, having hit the bottle to drown her sorrows.

It turns out Hayley had just fallen asleep and she flippantly played the incident down, denying neglect and spitefully turning on the family as they attempted to reach out and offer her help – even accusing them of trying to take Cherry away from her.

Flinging insults at Kat, Jean and Stacey for their own struggles as parents, the clan grew fed up of Hayley shutting them out. Later when Alfie saw the mother of his little girl reaching for the vodka once more he mooted the idea of him and Kat looking after Cherry while Hayley got herself together and sought professional help for her alcohol and self-destruction issues.


Did Hayley try and kill herself?

Surprisingly, volatile Hayley agreed and Alfie shared the news with Kat and the gang saying the stressed-out parent had gone for a much-needed nap. But Hayley was next seen outside clutching what looked like a bottle of vodka, and was knocked out cold as she stepped out in the road straight into that path of speeding minibus, witnessed by a horrified Louise Mitchell on a driving lesson with Keanu Taylor.

Can Hayley survive another unconscious cliffhanger? Having already considered suicide once before, did Hayley walk out in front of the bus on purpose? Will Cherry ever see her mum again?


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