Fresh twists ahead for Mick and Dean, says EastEnders star Danny Dyer

"If and when the truth comes out, all the people who have supported Dean will have egg on their faces"

Rapist Dean Wicks may still be walking around as a free man but Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter has a long memory – and it seems that tensions between the two men are set to reignite.


“Nothing can ever really be sorted while Dean’s still knocking around,” says Danny Dyer, who plays Mick. “I know I’ve got some more stuff coming up with him and, if and when the truth comes out, all the people who have supported him will have egg on their faces.”

Charges were dropped against Dean following his arrest for the rape of Linda Carter, since when the salon owner has become romantically involved with Roxy Mitchell.

But Dyer’s words will provide solace for viewers concerned that Dean would remain unpunished for his crime.

In an interview with Inside Soap, the actor also revealed that Mick could end up reconciling with mum Shirley when the Carters head to Ramsgate as part of an upcoming storyline.

“The Carters go to Ramsgate to scatter Stan’s ashes and it’s a question of whether Mick and Shirley can bury the hatchet.

“The stumbling block is whether Mick can overcome his demons so that he can finally call Shirley ‘Mum’.”


You can watch a 60-second rundown of the coming week’s episodes of EastEnders below.