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Zammo from Grange Hill makes EastEnders debut! Find out when he's on screen

The 80s icon faces off against Mick Carter

Published: Thursday, 6th June 2019 at 6:28 pm

Grange Hill star Lee "Zammo" MacDonald makes his much-anticipated guest appearance in EastEnders on Thursday 6th June.


The light-hearted storyline sees him clash with Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) in a desperate quest to secure tickets to see the Spice Girls in concert.

Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) is growing increasingly worried about son Ollie's behaviour but is trying to keep her fears from the rest of the family.

Mick assumes his missus is miffed to have lost out on a chance to see her pop idols live on stage at their summer reunion gigs, so in an attempt to cheer her up Mr Carter enters a radio competition to win some tickets and gets through to the next round.

Mick's girl power dream is crushed, however, when he loses to fellow contestant Terry (played by MacDonald). Mick then tracks Terry down and begs him to give him the tickets, explaining how much it would mean to his beloved L. Bus driver Terry refuses and sends Michael packing after a showdown on public transport…


On Friday 7th June, Linda is touched when she learns the lengths her hubby went to in order to try and secure her chance to see Baby, Sporty, Ginger and Scary (no Posh this time, remember) in the flesh, and serenades him in the pub with a rendition of his favourite song (we're guessing it could be a Spice Girls number…).


Just then Terry walks through the door – has he had a change of heart about handing over the tickets? Or has Mick riled him up and he's after vengeance for their previous confrontation?

Who was Zammo in Grange Hill?

Samuel "Zammo" McGuire appeared in the classic BBC1 kids' drama set in a London comprehensive school between 1982 and 1987.

He was part of the show's most famous storyline, which depicted Zammo's descent into heroin addiction and sparked the successful Just Say No anti-drugs campaign and hit record of the same name.

The actor, 50, now runs a locksmith and key-cutting business in south London. Speaking about returning to acting for his two-episode role, he said: “I am absolutely chuffed to bits and so excited to be briefly joining the cast of EastEnders. Top banana!


“My agent wants me to drop the shop. She says I should try and push myself as an actor and not a locksmith. But I’m quite happy to say I’m a locksmith, ’cos that’s what pays the mortgage!”

Many former Grange Hill cast members have resided in Albert Square over the years, including Susan Tully (Michelle Fowler), Todd Carty (Tucker Jenkins), Sean Maguire (Aidan Brosnan) and Lisa Hammond (Donna Yates). Could Terry make a return one day and make MacDonald a permeant fixture?

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