EastEnders: Who was really responsible for The Queen Vic’s party boat crash?

Oh Keanu!

Phil Mitchell & Keanu Taylor

Big Mo wondered if an iceberg was to blame as the Queen Vic party revellers were knocked off their feet aboard The Smith-Holland river cruiser on EastEnders.


“There has been an incident in the wheelhouse,” was all the detail the boat’s Captain Matthew Cox was prepared to give.

The actual culprit was revealed in Thursday night’s (20th February) dramatic episode as Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters), aided and abetted by Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

The cause was a fight to the death between the pair on the top deck as Phil finally seized his opportunity to confront his former garage employee and surrogate son for betraying him by getting his wife Sharon pregnant.

It was an epic battle. As the pair knocked seven bells out of each other (even accidentally ringing the ship’s bell as the soap doffed its cap to the one behind the bar at The Queen Vic) the collateral damage increased. Below decks no one was any the wiser as everyone got involved with some limbo dancing to B*witched’s C’Est La Vie (what are they like!).

Mo Slater

First to go was Captain Cox who was knocked out as he tried to pull Phil and Keanu apart. But the fatal moment came when the pair tumbled into the wheelhouse.

As Keanu tried to keep his balance he grabbed the boat’s wheel sending the craft spinning off onto a different course and crashing it into another cargo carrying vessel on the river.

By the cliff-hanger ending both Keanu and Phil were more immediately concerned with the guns pointing at each other’s heads.

But as other guests rushed for life -boats and Mick and Linda Carter, Ian Beale and Denny Rickman tried to free themselves from the flooded below decks someone looks destined for a watery end.


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