There's a surprise in store for Whitney Dean (played by Shona McGarty) in the coming weeks on EastEnders as she learns she's pregnant!


In scenes set to air from Wednesday 7th December, the beloved character turns 30 and she needs to take a pregnancy test - and later finds out it's positive.

The baby is Zack's, but Whitney gets the impression he isn't mature enough to be a dad - will she tell him the truth? And how will Zack take it if she does?

Actress McGarty has opened up about the pregnancy, saying it's something her character has always wanted.

"Her first reaction is she's really scared and worried! She's worried because she's not in a relationship with Zack - they were just casually sleeping together," McGarty explains.

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"I guess she just feels like she's not settled, and she's unsure about the future, and she's got to decide whether she can do it on her own.

"But equally, it's something that Whitney's always wanted her whole life, even right back to the day when she was looking after Bianca's children and working in a nursery. Whitney loves children, and she's always had that motherly thing about her."

Stacey Slater and Whitney Dean in EastEnders
Lacey Turner and Shone McGarty as Stacey Slater and Whitney Dean in EastEnders BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

As for whether she sees a future with Zack, McGarty's not sure, telling press including "I think Whitney was talked into sleeping with Zack or getting close to Zack by Finlay and Felix.

"They said, 'Don't be boring. Don't be such an old lady and just go for it!'. So, Whitney takes the chance, and they end up casually seeing each other.

"Whitney knows deep down that he's a player, and I guess that kind of weighs on her mind because she thinks she won't have a partner. She's thinking, 'Is Zack capable of being a dad? Is he going to freak out? Does he want this baby?'

"All those horrible thoughts are going around in her head. She's potentially going to be a single mum, so it's a big thing for her. It's life-changing."

As for how Zack takes the news, McGarty teased the "unexpected", adding that it leaves Whit "confused".

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