Michaela Turnbull's psychologically disturbed son Leo King (Tom Wells) battered her and locked her in his car boot the last time she visited Walford but that doesn’t stop the deluded mother from returning to EastEnders next week to cause Whitney more grief.


The last person that Whit (Shona McGarty) expects to see ahead of her next court appearance is Michaela (Fiona Allen) and although they start by talking amicably it soon becomes clear in next week's Monday April 13th episode that she blames Whitney for what happened to Leo.

She's got some brass neck has Michaela!

On her previous trip to Albert Square she made it clear that she knew exactly what Leo's dead dad convicted sex offender Tony King was like and the effect that trying to conceal the truth about him was having on her son.

"I tried to paint this rosy picture of your dad," she told Leo.

"I was trying to protect you but it’s just confused you. He was a paedophile. We can have this conversation a million times but it will not change what he was. He abused a child.”

Michaela Turnbull Leo King

And now Michaela looks to be adding to that abuse by hounding Whitney.

Gray steps in to diffuse the situation and then warns her off when she follows Whitney to The Queen Vic.

Badly shaken, Whit confides in Sonia that she thinks she's going back to prison again.

The irony is that Michaela should be Whitney's saviour.

As she told her son the last time she saw him: "I'm your mother. I know every thought in your head."

It's high time she put the sisterhood first and ended both families' circles of abuse once and for all.


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