EastEnders’ Whitney Dean plans her exit after blast from the past

Things are getting too much for Whitney in EastEnders. Will she flee?

whitney eastenders

Fresh out on bail following the death of Leo, it hasn’t exactly been easy for Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) to settle back into life on Albert Square.


The trial is hanging over her head and she has been struggling with the anxiety over whether she will have to face a lengthy stint behind bars- something that could lead to her making a rash decision as Eastenders continues next week.

Things began to get worse for her when Leo’s mother, Michaela Turnbull, made a return.

Whilst it initially seemed as if the two weren’t going to come to blows, Michaela made her true colours known fairly quickly and made sure Whitney knew that she blamed her entirely for the loss of her son.

Although Gray was able to help defuse the situation, it all left Whitney feeling like she had no hope of escaping a lengthy stint behind bars.

In the coming episodes, Sonia tries to help Whitney by encouraging her to try and get some normality back in her life- advice she tries to take on board.

And so, she gets to work at the market, but it isn’t long before she realises that she doesn’t have much of a shot at things being normal.

In her next move, Michaela posts about Whitney online and sure enough, everyone sees it and reads whats she has to say. For Whitney, she begins to notice that more and more people are staring at her and before too long she makes the connection as to why.

EastEnders Whitney

Later, she finds herself with Max and he begins to tell her what his experiences were like when he was in prison, a conversation that both alarms Whitney and makes her take stock of all that has happened.

The conversation, alongside everything else that has occurred of late, pushes her to realise that she needs to make a decision- one that could have serious repercussions for her and her freedom; she later takes her passport and plans to make a hasty escape.

But will anyone get wind of what she is doing and persuade her to stop? Or is Whitney destined for a life on the run?


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