There was a surprise cameo in this week's EastEnders as Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) made a brief appearance. In an episode due to air on Tuesday July 12th, the character was contacted by young son Tommy (Sonny Kendall).


Alfie appeared on-screen for the first time since 2019, when he left Walford after crossing Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden). Of course, viewers know that Phil is now engaged to Alfie's ex-wife Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace). The wedding plans are now in full swing following Phil's release from prison.

News recently broke that star Richie is set to reprise his role with the understanding was that Alfie would be seen in the Autumn, but we've had our first glimpse already. Tommy put in a video call to his dad, and Alfie was delighted to see and speak to him. He commented on how much the young boy had grown up, adding that he was always thinking of Tommy and brothers Bert and Ernie.

EMBARGOED UNTIL 9pm on 8th JULY!!! Shane Richie as Alfie Moon
Shane Richie as Alfie Moon in EastEnders BBC

But Tommy was soon left disappointed when Alfie's attention turned to whatever was going on around him. As Tommy said he had just wanted to see Alfie's face, he made excuses to go, with Alfie checking he was okay before he hung up. Later, with the lingering disappointment of his father's behaviour, Tommy spoke to Kat and Phil.

He pointed out that Alfie hadn't been in his life for a while and that he wasn't even his real dad (Tommy's biological father was Michael Moon, Alfie's cousin). Tommy then asked if he could call Phil 'Dad' instead. Phil was touched, while Kat reminded her son that Alfie would always be his dad. But she agreed that if Tommy felt safe with Phil, he could call him whatever he wanted.

It seems that Alfie's reappearance has only served to bring Tommy closer to Phil, as the pair were seen looking like the perfect family unit with Kat. Alfie has a lot to make up for, but we all know that Phil can be ruthless when he wants something.

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Will word reach Alfie that his boy is now calling Phil 'Dad'? And is this the catalyst for his eventual homecoming? You'll just have to wait and see!

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