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EastEnders star Jenna Russell on Michelle's new nightmare - "It's the worst case scenario"

Secrets will be revealed in this week's episode of the BBC1 soap

Published: Monday, 27th March 2017 at 1:00 pm

Michelle Fowler's secret relationship with teenager Preston will be revealed in tonight's EastEnders when Bex confronts the pair.


The exposure looks set to send shockwaves through the Square and threatens to turn Michelle into a pariah in the eyes of her family.

Speaking about the upcoming scenes, actress Jenna Russell said today: "For Michelle, it’s the worst case scenario. The walls are falling down around her and the ground is shifting underneath her.

"Her brother, who she loves so dearly, is looking at her in a different way. She’s a very proud woman and looking at her past, she’s really proud of what she’s done with her life and feels like she’s really made something of herself. 

"Her reputation is very important to her. She’s worked very hard in her life, she’s just made some very bad choices and she hasn’t learnt that she has to own up to them honestly and move on."


Despite perceptions of Michelle destined to be irrevocably altered, Russell is under the impression that this week's drama will be good for her character:

"For me, when I read the script I thought at least everyone knows now, it’s out there, the truth is out. Come what may, whatever is written in terms of the script, Michelle isn’t going to be lying anymore about Preston.

"I feel it’s a good thing because Michelle has to recognise what she’s done and face the consequences. She’ll have to mend those bridges and build a better foundation."

In the short term, though, Michelle will surely face questions about abusing her position of trust, even though her trysts with Preston aren't actually illegal in UK law. But if Michelle does become an outcast, at least Russell is getting support behind the scenes.


On her EastEnders experience so far she said: "It’s a full-on schedule when you’re here but everyone’s been really supportive. I feel like I’ve been here for years already! It’s been interesting exploring Michelle when she’s in a time of crisis but it’s been great, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

"And people have been great on the street too. But I don’t really go out much and I’m not on any social media, so if people are horrid I don’t know about it! What I’ve experienced in the flesh is really nice."

You can watch a 60-second rundown of this week's drama on EastEnders below.

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