EastEnders spoilers: Sharon jilted by Jack at the altar – preview pictures

The pair's nuptials fail to go ahead - but what is the reason for the hitch?

“I’m sorry, Sharon. I can’t marry you.” It’s not exactly what any blushing bride wants to hear at the altar, but then Sharon Rickman (Letitia Dean) doesn’t exactly go in for conventional relationships. 


Next week, viewers will see the twice-married Sharon come a cropper at her third wedding ceremony when groom-to-be Jack (Scott Maslen) calls the whole thing off. 

After making her way down the aisle to Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Sharon will find that fiancé Jack has indeed been looking elsewhere – namely in the direction of ex-missus Ronnie. After confessing to having had a secret meeting with his former wife, who is set to be released from jail, Jack tells Sharon that he will never love her the way he loved Ronnie. 


When Jack refuses to marry her, Sharon is forced to plaster on a smile and tell guests that she and Jack have arrived at a mutual decision not to go ahead with the wedding. Insisting that everyone stays to enjoy Ian Beale’s buffet (yum!), Sharon later heads to Phil’s in search of support. But will he be willing to offer any?