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5 EastEnders spoilers for next week: Linda endangers Ollie, plus Whitney's big scheme

And will Sharon and Dennis put the past behind them?

Published: Saturday, 1st February 2020 at 9:00 am

What's happening in EastEnders next week? As Linda descends further into an alcoholic haze and Whitney goes on the attack against Leo, here's your guide to all the upcoming storyline spoilers for the 3 to 7 February 2020.


Linda puts Ollie in danger

EastEnders - January - March - 2020 - 6076

I have a feeling that Linda’s alcohol problem will be integral to this boat disaster that EastEnders is planning for its 35thanniversary. The BBC has already announced that a party on the Thames to celebrate the Queen Vic winning a best pub competition will result in the death of someone significant. And there’s a tantalising titbit in the press release which states that Mick (Danny Dyer) and Linda (Kellie Bright) will face “the toughest decision they’ve ever had to make”. Will one of them have to lay down their life to save the other?

If so, I don’t fancy Mick’s chances if he’s relying on Linda to rescue him. Evidence that she’s in no state for any heroics comes thick and fast on Monday when she drunkenly lashes out at Chantelle before falling asleep and leaving son Ollie in terrible danger. Tuesday’s episode will see Shirley try to make Linda face up to her problems. But I doubt that realisation will dawn for the Vic’s landlady before the Carters set sail later this month.

Whitney schemes against Leo

EastEnders - January - March - 2020 - 6074

Someone else whose future I’m fearing for is Whitney (Shona McGarty) – she’s embarking on a dangerous plan to clear the name of Kush, who’s still in the frame following Leo’s unfortunate topple over the balcony at the Prince Albert. Tiffany will be seen pleading with Whit to not put herself at risk. But since when did anyone ever listen to sound advice in soapland? And is Leo actually one step ahead of the woman who wants to bring him down? After all, he does now have Whit's record of all Leo's manipulative behaviour. What's the betting he ends up using that to his own advantage?

Suki is all smiles - but what's she hiding?

EastEnders - January - March - 2020 - 6074

Schemes of a different kind are afoot elsewhere in the Square as calculating Suki (Balvinder Sopal) is all smiles in front of Ash and Iqra at a family dinner party. This, of course, goes against received opinion in the Panesar family that Suki would object to her daughter's sexuality. But, as it turns out, the grin is just a mask and once back in the company of her beloved boys, the carapace cracks and Suki reveals to her sons how she really feels about Ash and Iqra's relationship.

The truth about Isaac revealed?

EastEnders - January - March - 2020 - 6073

Isaac continues to arouse suspicion, first with Patrick and then later with Denise, who returns from her trip to Scotland, only to immediately latch on to some odd comments made by the Walford newcomer. In the end, Patrick decides that enough is enough and has things out with Sheree. But will he solve the mystery of Sheree's son? And will the truth about Isaac's intentions be revealed?

Will Sharon and Dennis reconcile?

EastEnders - January - March - 2020 - 6074

The spotlight shines on Sharon on Thursday when she tries to reach out to her son Dennis by buying him football tickets, but you'll have to wait to see whether he accepts this olive branch. But there are definite apologies elsewhere for Sharon as Linda says sorry for the way she behaved while on that notorious new year's bender.


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