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5 EastEnders spoilers for next week: Chantelle faces a difficult decision and Ben's arrested

Plus, Gray makes a discovery

Published: Saturday, 14th March 2020 at 6:00 am

Next week’s EastEnders spoilers (Monday 16th to 20th March 2020) will see all change on Albert Square as everyone comes to terms with the dramatic events that recently unfolded in Walford.


As Chantelle recovers from Gray's latest beating and Whitney tries to come round from her prison collapse, how will our favourite characters pull through?

Read on to find out everything you need to know...

Chantelle faces a difficult decision

EastEnders Chantelle

Poor Chantelle faced a harrowing and difficult-to-watch beating on the last episode of last week, and she has to hide her injuries once more. But, she lifts her head up high and takes her new job at the call centre - even though Gray isn't happy about it. Nevertheless, she impresses Kheerat with her work ethic and as she takes on more responsibilities, Mitch offers to help at home. But he stumbles across Gray's therapy card... will Chantelle finally tell him the truth?

Gray learns the truth about Whitney

EastEnders Whitney

Disappointed by how Whitney's case has been coming along, Gray starts working on a way to find evidence Leo was a toe-rag. Sonia can't quite believe how dedicated he's being, but is his desperate attempt to get Whit out of prison just to lessen the guilt he feels for Chantelle? Nevertheless, he stumbles across an interesting piece of information which could lead to Whitney getting out. Will he be more lucky this time? When Whitney also realises what the information means, it's harrowing but it could be the lifeline she needs. What will happen at the bail hearing?

Sharon gets devastating news - and a lifeline

EastEnders Sharon

Still coming to terms with the untimely death of her boy, Sharon has to try and plan Dennis's funeral. Linda offers her help with Kayden where she can, but Sharon is beyond devastated when she goes to register her new son's birth - Dennis' body is being released. Thankfully, she leans on Karen for support, who is more than happy to help out with her grandson. In the background, Ian comes up with an idea to help Sharon - but what is it, and will it help anything at all?

Ben gets arrested

EastEnders Ben

It's been a difficult few weeks for Ben, who's been left deaf following the boat tragedy. Without a doubt, he wants to move on with his life, but with the cochlear operation looming, he can't help but clash with Callum over it. His problems get even worse when hard-man Danny Hardcastle arrives back in Walford who has a meaty proposition for him. What's more, Callum tries to take Ben for his hearing appointment but Danny gives him an ultimatum - and when he gets to the hospital, he finds out the operation could have serious consequences. What will he choose? Later in the week, Ben goes off the rails and meets a man in the Prince Albert, steals his car, and then gets arrested by the police. Callum is devastated to hear what Ben was up to the in the club - is it finally over between those two?

Linda is unnerved 

EastEnders Linda

Linda has been making good progress in overcoming her alcoholism but next week, she will hit some hurdles in her journey. She's attending a support group and it seems to be helping, until she goes to collect Ollie from school. Linda gets some berating from old nemesis, Shelly, who has some home truths for the landlady. It gets worse as Shelley feels the need to tell Isaac about Linda's drinking, but our fiery L turns the tables on her and gives her what for - that's our girl!

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