EastEnders spoilers: Lauren arrested after punching Lucy and smashing cafe window – preview pictures

The troubled teen finds herself in trouble with the police after losing her temper

Lauren Branning’s behaviour is to become an even greater cause for concern next week when she finds herself arrested for assault and criminal damage.


The police intervention comes at the end of a troubled week for Lauren that sees her stealing money from Cora in order to fund her addiction to alcohol, while Tanya instructs both Denise at the Minute Mart and staff at the Queen Vic not to serve her.

But Lauren is left heartbroken by her mum’s actions, especially when Tanya then compares her to Rainie. After a confrontation with Abi on Bridge Street catches the attention of Joey, Lauren’s ex tries to make sure that everything is OK.

However, the final straw for Lauren comes after Lucy appears at the doorway of the café and begins to goad her love rival. As Lauren snaps, she punches Lucy in the face and launches a sugar jar through the café’s window before storming off. But it isn’t long before the law is catching up with Lauren and making their arrest in front of pub regulars at the Vic.


Viewers can see the scenes on Thursday 30 and Friday 31 May.