EastEnders spoilers: Joey and Lauren split up – picture preview

It looks like the end of the road for the pair following Lucy Beale's jealous scheming

Joey Branning is to dump his cousin Lauren after Lucy Beale’s scheme to split them up succeeds.


After Lucy spikes Lauren’s orange juice with vodka, Joey’s girlfriend makes a show of herself in the Vic where the Walford teens are out celebrating the end of Jay’s community service.

It’s all too much for Joey, who sees Lauren’s embarrassing behaviour as the final straw. Despite Lauren’s realisation that her drink has been tampered with, Joey leaves her in no uncertain terms as to how he feels: “You know what, Lauren? That’s it now. We’re done. I’ve had enough. I can’t do this anymore. That’s it. It’s over.”

Hetti Bywater, who plays the conniving Lucy, said of the storyline: “Lucy’s ecstatic that her plan has worked. And when Joey confronts her about Lauren’s accusation, Lucy just denies it, implying that Lauren’s got major issues. Joey refuses to believe Lauren so as far as Lucy’s concerned, Lauren is out of the picture – which means she’s getting closer to getting Joey.”


And will Lucy realise her dream of a reunion with her ex? “She never received his full attention when they were an item the first time around because of his feelings for Lauren,” the actress told Inside Soap, “and that that’s why he’s still got such a hold over her at this stage. Lucy doesn’t deal very well with not getting what she wants, so where Joey is concerned, I think she’ll just keep on going until she does!”