EastEnders: Silent Tracey is in the spotlight when she finds out that Kathy is alive!

The Queen Vic's barmaid finally gets a share of the drama in an upcoming episode

She’s usually a woman of very few words, but Queen Vic barmaid Tracey will surely have a lot to say for herself when she finds out that Kathy is alive.


Yes, Tracey – who has been a mainstay in Walford since the earliest days of EastEnders – will get a real blast from the past in the coming weeks when she takes a call from Kathy.

The reason for Kathy ringing is because she’s desperate to send a message to Phil and feels that Tracey is one of the few people she can trust. Well, as Dot once famously said of the near-silent Tracey: she’s a person who “sees everything but says very little”.

Despite having witnessed no end of cliffhangers from behind the bar, Tracey will be left struggling to come to terms with the revelation and tells employer Mick about what she’s heard.

And then, in a particularly garrulous moment, she even ends up stopping Phil in his tracks and quizzing him about what’s going on before handing him an address. But will Phil tell Tracey the truth about Kathy’s return from the dead?


You can watch a 60-second rundown of the coming week’s episodes of EastEnders below.