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EastEnders outrage: Tracey the barmaid is sacked by Woody!

A Walford icon has been given her marching orders

Published: Friday, 28th April 2017 at 7:25 pm

Harry 'Woody' Woodward could well have become EastEnders's number one villain of all time thanks to his actions in tonight's episode of the BBC1 soap.


Because, yes, the Queen Vic's bar manager has done the unthinkable and sacked the pub's longest-serving worker: barmaid Tracey!


She may not have had blessed with much in the way of dialogue over the decades, but Tracey (or Silent Tracey as she's affectionately known among fans) has iconic status when it comes to EastEnders characters.

And yet her reputation did nothing when it came to Woody's wayward thinking - dismissing Tracey in an instant following businesswoman Fi's call for the pub to make staff cutbacks.


The new owners at the Vic are certainly making their presence felt, causing big ructions among the Carter clan. With Shirley having been adamant that it should be Woody who got fired, it wasn't long before he was taking control by turning the tables and seeing off Tracey, much to the outrage of the likes of Sharon and Tina.

So will the staff rise up against Woody's ruling? Or is Tracey really going to walk through the pub doors clutching her P45?

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