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EastEnders: Lisa Faulkner's Fi arrives - and gets on the wrong side of one family

Who will Fi be alienating in her first episode?

Published: Monday, 17th April 2017 at 11:01 pm

Another week, another high-profile EastEnders signing makes their debut. First, we had Lee Ryan as Queen Vic bar manager Woody, now it's Lisa Faulkner rocking up in Albert Square as businesswoman Fi.


Fans wanting to catch Faulkner's first episode should definitely be watching on Thursday 27 April when Fi arrives - and immediately gets on the wrong side of one family when she reveals why she's in Walford.

With Faulkner's history of being killed off in BBC drama series (see Holby City and Spooks for further details), she should be counting her blessings that the deep-fat fryer at Beale's Plaice is currently out of action.


Speaking recently about how she landed the role on EastEnders, Faulkner said: "The producers phoned up and said asked if I go and meet them. And I met Sean [O'Connor, executive producer] and Julia Crampsie the casting director and he just sold this character to me.

"He was very good at pitching this great character and show and I just came back thinking, 'hmm, let’s just see what happens'. And then they phoned and asked if I'd do it and I thought, 'why not? What’s the worst that could happen?'"

Speaking when her signing was announced last month, show boss Sean O'Connor said: “I’m really thrilled that we have been able to tempt Lisa Faulkner back to TV drama and back to the BBC.

"She’s an extremely accomplished and hugely popular actress and we’re very excited to have her in Albert Square.

"Fi Browning is something of a departure for EastEnders - a no-nonsense but sophisticated businesswoman with strength and vulnerability. But does she have an agenda? And who - or what - has she set her sights on?"


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