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EastEnders' Linda hands Mick divorce papers in Den and Angie throwback

There's heartbreak in store for the Carters

Published: Friday, 7th February 2020 at 8:31 pm

There was drama a-plenty in Friday, 7th February's instalment as the Carters faced a dramatic split.


In scenes that were reminiscent of Den and Angie's classic divorce scene, Linda (Kellie Bright) had some harsh words for her husband.

It all started when Linda had a heart-to-heart with Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) about her marriage, and genuinely, it seemed like she wanted to reconcile with Mick.

But that soon turned sour when she went to chat to her husband and found an estate agent eying up the bar - Mick was trying to sell the Queen Vic!

Naturally, Linda was incensed by what she saw and their plans of being amicable didn't last long.

Mick knew he was in the wrong and tried to make amends with his wife, but it was too late, Linda had already spoken to Gray and been out drinking.

Drunk, Linda stomped round to see Mick and the pair went out the back for a tense discussion.

Quoting Sharon's curse comment, Linda said: "I ain't gonna stick around, be drowned in the bath... It's cursed and it's always the man like you who sneaks up behind and buries the hatchet in your back."

Getting upset, EastEnders favourite Mick insisted: "I thought we were married, I thought we loved each other."

Linda raged: "No, no we don't. It's just a habit, just an old, old habit. I don't trust you, Mick. I don't think you've got my best interests at heart."

Mick tried desperately to tell his wife she was wrong, but it was too late - Linda had already reached in her pocket to pull out some divorce papers.

"Mick Carter, I've instructed my solicitors to start divorce proceedings - this marriage is over."

Speaking about the dramatic twist, Linda actress Kellie admitted her character does still love Mick, but she couldn't bear to stick with him after all their recent heartache.

EastEnders Linda

EastEnders' LindaKellie said: "She doesn’t not love him. I think it’s really hard when you’re in the grips of something like that to be around people who are like a mirror to you and who know you so well. You’re constantly being faced with their disappointment of you and it’s incredibly difficult for her to be around someone who loves her at the moment.

"She doesn’t want to be loved, she hates herself. It’s not like she doesn’t love him, she may say she doesn’t but she does."

But is it what Linda really wants?

"I think in that moment, yes," Kellie explained. "But Linda is not herself at the moment and everything is clouded by her alcohol addiction and dependency. She’s got herself into a completely paranoid state full of anxiety.

"She’s convinced Mick is out to take Ollie, her home and everything away from her. I think she believes in that moment it’s the only thing she can do to take back some power. In her sober heart, I don’t think it’s what she wants."

Is this the end for the Carters? Quite possibly, considering how Sharon pointed out to Linda in the episode how cursed the Queen Vic really is for couples.

And with the 35th anniversary special around the corner, don't be surprised if there's not more heartache for Mick and Linda.


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