Cruel Ian throws Bobby out in vicious EastEnders showdown

The pair came to blows over Lucy's death

eastenders bobby beale ian beale

The Beales are in crisis after Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) unleashed a tirade of abuse on troubled son Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) admitting he still can’t forgive him for killing his sister Lucy Beale, with the explosive confrontation ending with Ian throwing his offspring out of the house.

eastenders bobby beale

Thursday 6th February’s EastEnders put the fractured Walford family in the spotlight as Bobby prepared for his ceremony to mark his official conversion to Islam.

Police interrupted proceedings with the shocking news they’d received information that Bobby had been visiting Islamic extremist websites, and seized his laptop.

Despite Bobby’s denials and defence of his faith, which he converted to while behind bars for murdering his sibling, Ian saw red and later confided in old pal Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) he despaired at what he views as his son’s rejection of his upbringing, and the unstable state of their relationship.

Bobby’s ceremony took place at Walford East restaurant and he was buoyed by support from friends including Iqra Ahmed and Max Branning, but he got a nasty shock upon returning home.

Overhearing his dad telling Sharon he didn’t know if he could ever get past Bobby bludgeoning Lucy to death six years ago when he was just 10 years old, and questioning if he even still loved him, the teen was shocked.

Unfortunately the super-tense situation escalated causing father and son to lay into each other, with Ian losing it completely, labelling Bobby sick and beyond help before physically chucking the upset lad out onto the street and out of the family.

eastenders bobby beale

Shellshocked Bobby lay on the pavement, comforted by Max, and as young Dennis Rickman walked past they exchanged a harsh glare – all but confirming it was vengeful Denny who called the police and framed the Beale boy to paint him as an extremist as revenge for last week’s attack.

The drama paves the way for the Beales to be at the centre of EastEnders’ upcoming 35th anniversary week later this month, which sees Lucy’s twin Peter return, in the recast form of newcomer Dayle Hudson replacing Ben Hardy. Ian and Bobby remain at odds in the lead-up, will one of them end up going overboard at the ill-fated boat party?


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