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Has Bobby Beale killed again in EastEnders?

Denny Rickman just got the Lucy Beale treatment

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Published: Friday, 31st January 2020 at 8:28 pm

Killer Bobby Beale may have struck again, following a violent altercation in EastEnders that saw the teenager tussle with young Dennis Rickman and send him flying into a table, knocking him unconscious. Has Sharon Mitchell's precious son Denny met the same fate as Bobby's tragic sister Lucy?


Friday 31st January's episode ended with the boys coming to blows after Bobby tried to make peace between Dennis and his mum. During a heated showdown in the Beale lounge, Shaz and Dennis clashed with Kathy Beale, Shirley Carter and Ian Beale all present for the mother/son skirmish.

Dennis has turned his back on Sharon, following her affair with Keanu Taylor that tore the family apart, made worse by her shopping husband Phil Mitchell to the cops for her toy boy's suspected murder (she knows he's actually still alive, but that's another story). Phil has fled to Portugal, and Dennis is living with Shirley.

Bobby's intervention ended badly when him and Dennis came to blows: the red mist descended on Ian's youngest and Rickman Jnr was thrown across the room and he smacked his head on the corner of the coffee table, falling in exactly the same spot Lucy did on that ill-fated night in 2014 when her angry little brother killed her with a music box.

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The doof-doofs came as terrified Bobby fled the house and Denny's fate remained uncertain - but can reveal young Mr Rickman survives and is still at odds with his mother in next week's episodes, who tries in vain to win him back round with tickets to a football match on Tuesday 4th February.

But what of Bobby? Where has he run off to? A creepy inserted shot of Lucy's corpse told us this was bringing back awful memories for the boy, who has served time in young offenders' for his crime. When he was released last year, he was targeted by vengeful Max Branning who the Beales and Mitchells framed for Lucy's murder in order to protect Bobby.

Will the spectre of Lucy's tragic demise continue to haunt Albert Square? And is it a coincidence one of the soap's most famous storylines is being revisited just weeks before it reaches its 35th anniversary?


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