EastEnders Carter crisis: Linda makes shock announcement in the Queen Vic

Is there any hope for the landlord and lady?


It’s not looking good for the Carters’ marriage in EastEnders as the threat of divorce hangs in the air.


Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) served husband Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) divorce papers last week, in a nostalgic recreation of the famous Angie and Den Watts scene, and earlier this week the drink-addicted landlady put her foot in it with social services with regard to neglecting their young son Ollie.

In new pictures teasing Thursday 13th February’s episode of EastEnders, tension between the pair is at an all-time high, as L continues to hit the bottle and Mick despairs to see his wife spiralling.

Feeling guilty about their row in which he said Ollie would be better off without his troubled mum, Mick is desperate to make amends but it’s too little too late as Linda storms off – ending up back on the lash.

Hitting the bottle and commanding the attention of a pub packed full of punters, loose-lipped Linda airs her and Mick’s private troubles in full, public view.

eastenders linda carter

Not surprisingly, the repercussions are huge bringing the Carters to breaking point. What does Linda say, and has her behaviour gone beyond the point of forgiveness?

The publicans are at the heart of the action during the upcoming 35th anniversary week, kicking off on Monday 17th February, in which the Vic bosses host a party for the punters on a river boat cruise that ends in disaster, and at least one death.

Fuelled by paranoia over Mick’s closeness to former daughter-in-law Whitney Dean, Linda causes a scene during the bash – but that’s just the beginning of the drama in store for the fractured family and their friends…


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