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EastEnders' villain Leo killed by Whitney in Valentine's massacre - but will she face prison?

Finally Leo got what he had coming to him

EastEnders Leo
Published: Friday, 14th February 2020 at 8:30 pm

EastEnders are gearing up for their 35th anniversary and there's plenty of drama to keep us all going.


Tonight's (Friday 14th February) instalment turned into a Valentine's Day massacre in the Slater household as Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) accidentally killed Leo King (Tom Wells) in a deadly showdown.

We've all been creeped out by him hiding in the Slater loft but things took a turn for the worse when he finally came out.

Poor Whit thought he was in the house but Kat tried her best to convince her it was just an illusion.

She should have stuck to her guns, though, as Leo did his best disappearing act throughout the entire EastEnders episode, managing to watch Whitney at close range but never be seen.

However, things took a turning point when she realised her letter from Tony had disappeared from her jewellery box.

EastEnders Whitney
EastEnders' Whitney

Why she would want to keep the final words of the child abuser is beyond us, but Leo found them and was left considerably shaken when he realised his dad had told Whitney he loved her forever.

Brandishing a knife, Leo finally made himself known to a terrified Whitney and insisted he couldn't have peace until she was in the ground, dead.

Clever Whit threw everything at him - quite literally - to get him away, and it seemed like it had worked until he followed her downstairs.

She threw him on to the table where he hit his head and Whitney attempted to call for help - but in true horror movie madness, he popped up behind her.

After the pair tussled and ended up on the floor, Whitney managed to get the knife between them which he eventually fell on, killing him.


Will Whitney get away with it? Or will Leo's death hold yet another sting in the tail for her?

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