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Keanu makes a shock return to EastEnders as Danny Walters reveals Callum is in danger

Keanu's return can't be good news for the Mitchells...

EastEnders Keanu
Published: Friday, 7th February 2020 at 8:31 pm

EastEnders aired not one but two massive twists on Friday, 7th February when Linda handed Mick some divorce papers and Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) made a seriously unexpected return.


Cast your minds back a little and you will remember Keanu's death was faked on Christmas Day, as the Walford bad boy had a price on his head for getting Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) pregnant.

However, it seems he just couldn't stay away and made a surprising appearance outside the mother of his unborn child's door.

Sharon, who was quietly organising her life as a single mum got a knock on the door and when she opened it, found a distinctively hairy Keanu stood waiting for her.

He burst through the door with a proposition for Sharon.

"You've gotta leave now, someone could see you," the expectant mother begged.

Keanu said he was happy to take his chances, considering Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) was in Portugal and Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) wasn't worth worrying about.

"I've come back for you," Keanu romantically told his missus. "For both of you. I want you to come away with me now."

Sharon was completely bewildered, but will she leave Albert Square with him?

According to actor Danny, Sharon isn't the only reason he's back on EastEnders either - he wants revenge.

EastEnders Sharon
EastEnders' Sharon

"Ben Mitchell has taken everything from Keanu - he even tried to get Keanu killed - so Keanu is back and wants to put Ben through what he went through.

"Ben wanted Keanu dead, so Keanu's hell bent on revenge of course, he wants him to make him feel that he's lost everything."

But as EastEnders fans will be horrified to discover it isn't Ben who Keanu wants dead... it's likely to be Callum Highway (Tony Clay).

Speaking about Keanu's next move, Danny said: "It's essentially like a game of chess and to get to the King, which Keanu sees Ben as, he needs to go after the most precious thing to him, and that's Callum..."


Will Keanu get the revenge he so desperately wants? Or will he be stopped by the Mitchells.

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