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Jean tries to seduce Phil in EastEnders shock twist

What. Is. Going. On?

eastenders Phil Mitchell jean Slater
Published: Friday, 22nd May 2020 at 10:30 pm

Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) is losing her grip since she stopped taking her bipolar medication, but even though her behaviour has been somewhat erratic did anyone expect her to try and seduce Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden)?


New pictures providing a sneak preview of Tuesday 26th May's episode of EastEnders show unstable Jean dressed to impress the distinctly un-impressed hard man. What does she want from the menacing Mr Mitchell?

Since losing lover Daniel Cook and recovering from cancer, Jean impulsively ditched her meds, much to the alarm of pals Kush Kazemi and Shirley Carter who sneakily slipped her lithium tablets into her food without her knowledge.

Their misguided intervention caused Jean to collapse and end up in hospital where she discovered what they'd done, leading to the betrayed Mrs Slater to throw Kush, Kat's kids and Big Mo out of the house.

eastenders phil Mitchell jean slater

Now she's on her own Jean is unravelling, and in upcoming episodes becomes seized with paranoia that Phil knows it was her daughter Stacey Fowler that attacked him last summer and becomes obsessed with begging him to allow her to return to Walford.

Shirley makes an off-hand comment that flattery is the only way to get through to her old flame, so Jean gets dolled up and pays the gangster a surprise visit intent on persuading him.

Turning on the charm, manic Jean leaves Phil confused as she starts talking about Stacey in relation to the attack - because as far as he's concerned, Kat Moon whacked him over the head and left him for dead in the Arches during a heated row last summer.

Viewers will recall Kat took the blame for Stacey, who delivered the blow to save her cousin and hubby Martin from getting a pasting over a row about money the Slaters had taken from the Mitchells. In fact, Phil doesn't even know Stacey was even there as she hit him from behind.

eastenders phil Mitchell jean slater

Stacey is currently lying low away from the Square for her own safety, but in her agitated, muddled state Jean wants her daughter home and reckons Phil holds the key.

Will Jean unwittingly blow the secret that Kat and the rest of the Slater clan covered up what really happened, reigniting the feud between the families?

More to the point, might Phil start to see Jean in a different light and could this be the start of one of the most unexpected romances EastEnders has ever seen? Should we prepare ourselves for #Jhil?


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