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EastEnders star defends Kush's decision to secretly drug Jean

"He thinks he's doing the right thing," says Davood Ghadami

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Published: Friday, 8th May 2020 at 8:00 am

EastEnders star Davood Ghadami has spoken out about Kush Kazemi's controversial decision to force Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) into taking her bipolar medication by secretly putting it in her food, which leads to worrying scenes next week when she suffers a seizure.


"Under normal circumstances Kush wouldn't ever act in this way," admits the actor. "But these aren't ordinary circumstances as things are pretty extraordinary in the Slater house at the moment."

Confronting troubled Jean about ditching her meds when she's still grieving for lover Daniel Cook, being abandoned by daughter Stacey Fowler and recovering from cancer, Kush was met with a frosty response from the stubborn Slater who insisted she was coping well and this was her decision - despite her increasingly erratic behaviour saying otherwise.

"Jean is such a central part of the family so when Kush notices the changes in her behaviour he is determined to try and make things right. His main aim is to keep the family afloat and look after everyone."

Viewers have followed Jean's ongoing mental health battle for over a decade, but as a relative newcomer to the Slater fold through his romance with Kat Moon this is uncertain new territory for Kush, as Ghadami explains.

eastenders jean seizure

"Kush has never been around Jean to see how she reacts when going through an episode but he knows something wrong, especially when she starts incessantly calling the police reporting Whitney as still missing when she's been home for days.

"He can see things only getting worse and feels he has no choice but to take matters into his own hands to keep the household stable. Kush has absolutely no idea how bad Jean might get and he doesn't want to risk it. He is desperate, his heart is in the right place, and he thinks he's making the right decision in the moment…"

Unfortunately Kush drugging Jean has serious consequences when she is found by Tina and Shirley after storming off and she's suffering a seizure. Will Kush's attempt to help have the opposite effect? And will Jean feel betrayed at his underhand actions?


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