EastEnders: has Ronnie trapped Fatboy in the boot of the car?

And will he end up in a car crusher like Carl White?

So, who has Ronnie Mitchell trapped in the boot? It’s the big question that EastEnders fans were left asking tonight as it turned out that Vincent Hubbard was NOT locked in the car at Mitchell’s Autos.


Viewers had been under the impression that Ronnie had sought revenge on her adversary by sealing him in a vehicle at the garage. But Vincent was shown to be alive and well at the Queen Vic where he was busy ordering drinks. When Ronnie had asked him how he’d managed to get out of the car, Vincent gave the reply: “What car?”

Realising her error, Ronnie immediately raced over to the garage, but only she and not the audience at home saw what was inside. Has the car now been taken away? And is the mystery person still incarcerated within?

Ronnie does, of course, have a notorious history when it comes to getting rid of cars, having sent one to the crusher back in 2014 with villainous Carl White still inside. So is history about to repeat itself and to whom?

Well, looking around the various meal tables, it seemed that most people were accounted for. For instance, garage workers Ben and Jay were present and correct.

But the main contender for being Ronnie’s latest victim must surely be Arthur ‘Fatboy’ Chubb, who appeared to depart Walford on Christmas Eve after being hounded out of town by Vincent. But do we actually know that he got as far as the Tube station? Could he have been kidnapped by whoever it was Ronnie called to do her terrible task? 

Ronnie already has plenty to plague her conscience thanks to a chequered past, but will she end up adding a mistaken identity murder to her list of crimes?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of all the upcoming drama on EastEnders below.


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