Could Dani Dyer join EastEnders as ‘the new Stacey Slater’?

Danny Dyer says working with daughter Dani on the soap would be his "dream job"

Dani Dyer and Danny Dyer

EastEnders viewers could be seeing double Dyers on Albert Square, after Danny Dyer revealed that he’d love daughter Dani to join him on the hit BBC1 soap.


Speaking exclusively to at the National Television Awards – after picking up the gong for Best Serial Drama Performance – 41-year-old Danny said working with Love Island winner Dani, 23, would be his “dream job”.

“I’d love her to come into it, she’d be great for the show, she’s a very good actor,” said Danny.

“She’s obviously gone off and done Love Island and it’s worked out alright. She’s great, she’s brilliant and I love her so much. I’d love to work with her, it’d be my dream job working every day together.”

Danny Dyer NTA (Getty)

When asked what sort of role the younger Dyer would play in the soap, Danny said, “I’d like to see her play someone naughty. A new little Stacey Slater on the scene, do you know what I mean?

“It’d be great if we wasn’t family in it. We should be maybe enemies. I don’t know if that would work if I’m an enemy of a 23 year old. I think it’s more exciting to play if you’re enemies. It gives us lots of different dynamics.”

Viewers will see more of the Dyer family on screen for Danny’s one-off historical special, Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family.

Starting tonight, Wednesday 23rd January, the show follows Danny as he explores his royal origins, after he discovered he was related to Edward III in Who Do You Think You Are?

But while we do see a glimpse of the Dyer family dynamic as the clan gathers together for an Elizabethan feast, we’re unlikely to see a reality show anytime soon.

Danny Dyer's Right Royal Family (BBC Screenshot)

“Not really my thing,” said Danny. “The one thing that’s still sacred to me is that when I go home and close my front door, that’s mine. It doesn’t matter how much money you want to throw at me for it.

“Yes I’m famous and I’m in this weird sort of position of where people know who I am and people want selfies with me, but ultimately I’m a normal dad and husband and I don’t want to give away the one sacred thing I’ve got.”

He added in true Danny-style, “I don’t think you could air it. You just couldn’t air it. It’d be far too coarse.”

Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family starts tonight at 9pm on BBC1


EastEnders airs weeknight (except Wednesdays) on BBC1

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