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EastEnders exit shock - Ben plans to flee after him and Phil are arrested for Keanu's murder

The Mitchell men are in deep trouble thanks to Sharon's betrayal

EastEnders Ben Mitchell Lexi Pearce
Published: Thursday, 23rd January 2020 at 10:01 pm

Sharon Mitchell played her trump card and got Phil Mitchell and his son Ben Mitchell arrested on suspicion of the murder of Keanu Taylor, and first-look pictures from Friday 24 January's EastEnders reveal what the fractured family's next move will be.


As the net closes in, beleaguered Ben feels he has little choice but to flee Walford as the investigation into Mr Taylor's disappearance gathers pace. Vengeful Sharon, in retaliation for her husband turning son Dennis against her following the exposure of her fling with Keanu, shopped the Mitchell men to the cops with video evidence they arranged the hit, and on Thursday 23rd January the boys in the blue stormed the Arches and cuffed Phil and Ben.

eastenders phil mitchell

However, sneaky Sharon knows hitman Martin Fowler faked Keanu's death and let his target go free, thanks to loose-lipped best mate Linda Carter who was also in on the cover-up and told Phil's missus everything.

Having stolen Martin's burner phone containing the incriminating footage of her baby daddy begging for his life before apparently being shot dead, Shaz has played a blinder as she knows more than the men themselves - Phil and Ben still believe Keanu is dead.


While Phil is under police interrogation for doing away with the fella who got both his wife and daughter up the duff (it's not looking good), Ben makes plans to scarper. New pics from Friday's instalment appear to tease an emotional goodbye to daughter Lexi Pearce, along with her mum Lola Pearce and 'brother' Jay Brown…

eastenders ben mitchell

But what about Phil? Is Ben going to leave his dad behind to face the music, or pray he gets out on bail so they can both do a runner together? Are they taking Louise Mitchell and baby Peggy with them and sticking to their original plan of sneaking off to Portugal with Lou's mum Lisa Fowler? Will Ben also throw Martin under the bus, even though there's no suggestion of Mr Fowler's involvement in the video?

And will drunk Linda spill the beans that Keanu is still breathing before someone gets banged up for a murder that never took place?


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