Ben Mitchell to face yet more issues on EastEnders this Christmas

Well, Christmas is rarely a time for things to runs smoothly in Walford...

ben mitchell eastenders

With a father like Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), it is little wonder that Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) is always finding himself in some form of trouble in EastEnders, and it seems that more is on the way for him this festive season, which is usually a time where things rarely run smoothly for the Albert Square residents.


Speaking about what is on the way, Bowden said to Digital Spy: “I think we will see Ben in another big issue on the Square, which I don’t think he foresaw happening with people quite close to him- which is not going to make his life any easier.”

As for what that issue could be, things are already complicated for the younger Mitchell, in fact, they are more complicated than even he himself is aware of.

Viewers know that Ben’s boyfriend, Callum Highway (Tony Clay) is now a member of the police and his bosses have noted the connection that he has to the Mitchell empire. Of course, they’ve wasted no time in using him to try and bring Phil down.

kat shirley ben phil eastenders

Callum is in a tough spot and while he wants to keep Ben out of trouble, that may not be easy as Ben continues to get caught up in all the dodgy things that his dad gets up to. Even scenes to be aired next week show the pair embark on a heist alongside several other Walford residents, including Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace).

Could this, and possible future crimes, lead to that issue being Callum’s secret mission being uncovered? And if so, what will that mean for Ballum? One thing is for sure, Phil will not be keen on the pair remaining a couple if he learns that Callum is working against him.

Looks like your typical, drama-filled, Walford Christmas then!


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